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BNY Mellon Investment Management Conference 2022

Tuesday 17 May 2022   |   The Corinthia, London


The recent turn in geopolitical events means we may warily eye the future, but we will also still be looking for investment opportunities and downside protections.

Professional investors are well-practiced at market events, to analyse the past, to find opportunity no matter the prevailing market conditions. This year our conference will feature some of our leading fund managers discussing the outlook for their respective asset classes amid what is a difficult and volatile time.

Please join us on 17 May from 9am – 4pm at the Corinthia Hotel, London


Conference Info

17 May 2022

Corinthia Hotel, London

09:00 - 16:00


A quick note regarding Coronavirus

We are, of course, actively monitoring the situation with regard to Covid-19 and will adapt the event according to relevant Government guidelines.


Time Description
09:00 Registration and light buffet breakfast
09:30 Welcome address
Matt Shafer, Head of European Distribution, BNY Mellon Investment Management
09:40 Macro outlook
Jake Jolly, Senior Investment Strategist, BNY Mellon Investment Management
09:55 Guest speaker
Linda Yueh, Leading Economist, Author and Broadcaster
10:10 Responsible Investment Panel
Therese Niklasson, Global Head of Sustainable Investment, Newton Investment Management
Rob Sawbridge, Head of Responsible Investment, Insight Investment
Alan Edington, Investment Manager - Responsible Investment, Walter Scott
Host: Kristina Church, Head of Responsible Strategy, BNY Mellon Investment Management
10:35 Coffee break
10:50 Boardroom session 1
11:30 Boardroom session 2
12:10 Lunch
13:00 Boardroom session 3
13:40 Boardroom session 4
14:20 Guest speaker
Richard Shirreff, Formerly NATO's 4 Star Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, and bestselling author
14:50 Drinks
16:00 Event close


You have the opportunity to build your own agenda by selecting four boardroom choices.

Topic Speaker/Fund Boutique

Creative destruction – the shifting relationship of asset classes

Years of unconventional monetary policy and the current regime shift

The diversification effect of sovereign bonds has changed, while traditional hedges like gold are less stable. What is taking their place and how are managers making the most out of other techniques to preserve capital in volatile markets? Join Suzanne Hutchins, manager of the BNY Mellon Real Return strategy as she outlines how the macro stance of recent years has fundamentally altered asset allocation relationships and why maybe that's not such bad news.

Suzanne Hutchins
Real Return

A survival guide for a bond bear market

Bond bears and the broader universe of issues

Paul Brain, manager of the BNY Mellon Global Dynamic Bond and BNY Mellon Sustainable Global Dynamic Bond funds, talks about the changes the past few years has wrought on fixed income markets and the end of cheap financing. And yet for flexible mandates, this bear market may be better than the NIRP environment of yesterday.

Paul Brain
Global Dynamic Bond

Future-proofing supply chains

Supply chain resilience

Disrupted by the pandemic and its ramifications, many decision makers extrapolated pandemic-induced behaviours as permanent fixtures, leaving them unprepared for the resumption of spending and increased demand. Walter Scott's Murdo MacLean discusses how the team behind the BNY Mellon Long Term Global Equity Fund have long preferred companies that have already learned such lessons. While businesses can't future proof against unforeseeable events, some are better prepared than others.

Murdo MacLean
Long-Term Global Equity

Inflation – a game changer

Rising costs and a return to value

The world is adjusting to persistent inflation, an issue with which investors have not had to contend with for years. But keeping up with rising costs is likely to tax companies as well as investors. John Bailer, manager of the BNY Mellon US Equity Income Fund, highlights the challenges posed by the inflationary landscape and why companies that have the ability and willingness to grow dividends may find favour.

John Bailer
US Equity Income

The upside of a crypto winter

Crypto's decline highlights other blockchain uses

People obsess over the value of Bitcoin, and little wonder given the price of one now ranges around US$45,000*. But when cryptocurrencies collapsed last year, it reminded the market that blockchain is more than just currency. Robbie Henderson and Jonathan Piskorowski, will talk on the latest developments in the crypto market but also how it is no longer overshadowing the rest of the blockchain universe. With blockchain's wider uses cases shining through, this session will outline its applications in the real world.

*Source as at 2 March 2022

Robbie Henderson and Jonathan Piskorowski
Blockchain Innovation

Changed society, robust recovery

Repercussions of a pandemic – increased interest in sustainability

Society and businesses are forever changed by the pandemic in ways that were not anticipated a year ago. Growth is fabulous, inflation is unnerving, geopolitics is scary, technology is further embedded in every aspect of life and sustainability goes mainstream. Insight's April LaRusse talks about how sustainable bond portfolios are managed in volatile markets.

April LaRusse
Responsible Horizons Euro Corporate and Strategic Bond

Profile of a bond success story

Heightened volatility amid record low defaults

With rising inflation and tightening monetary policies, can companies survive as funding costs rise; can they continue to service their debt? With defaults still low, so far it appears, yes. But can it remain this way or is greater selectivity needed to avoid toxic issuance? Here Insight's Ulrich Gerhard and Cathy Braganza, managers of BNY Mellon Global Short-Dated High Yield Bond, discuss the qualities they see in the companies that can survive a volatile climate. Life may be too short but the same may not be said in the world of fixed income.

Ulrich Gerhard and Cathy Braganza
Global Short-Dated High Yield

Back to fundamentals

Lower return expectations reinforcing the importance of cash flows

Whether the market cycle favours value or growth is not as straightforward as it once was. Broader factors, arising from unprecedented monetary policy and a global pandemic, are warping perceptions. Ilga Haubelt, manager of BNY Mellon Global Equity Income Fund, talks about a focus on fundamentals such as cashflows, as dividends bounce back from the crisis and resume their dominance in bolstering total returns.

Ilga Haubelt
Global Equity Income

Why the Chinese ATM looks broken, for now.

Asia's rising interest in shareholder value

Technology companies have boosted Asian markets in recent years but as they face increased regulation, companies like China's largest tech players - Alibaba, Tencent and Meituan (ATM), may not be paying out for a while. As income comes to the fore, Zoe Kan, manager of the BNY Mellon Asian Equity Income Fund, outlines the impetus in Asia towards shareholder value amid Asia's ongoing economic recovery.

Zoe Kan
Asian Equity Income

What lies beneath

Global lockdowns and the visual evidence of our climate impact and social injustice

The past two years have been a wake-up call for society with respect to environmental and social challenges. We have all seen the impact our way of life has wrought on the climate, and how Covid has highlighted the huge social inequalities across the globe. The resulting surge in interest and action from consumers, governments and companies has led to an explosion of investment opportunities. Insight managers Simon Cooke and Fabien Collado will outline the changes being felt across Europe and emerging markets and the resultant opportunity set for impact investors.

Simon Cooke and Fabien Collado
Impact Bonds

Fallen angels

Gaining from disorder in credit

While US high yield corporate bonds delivered an impressive 12% cumulative returns between December 2019 and December 2021, Fallen Angel corporate bonds doubled those returns, posting 24%. And yet, few fully appreciate why and how Fallen Angels have been able to consistently outperform high yield not just in periods of heavy downgrade activity, but in almost every market environment. Insight's Efficient Beta team will explain the structural alpha opportunity within Fallen Angels, as well as how investors can access this elusive asset class.

Syed Zamil
Efficient Beta

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Linda Yueh

Leading Economist, Author and Broadcaster

Dr Linda Yueh is a popular speaker on global trends and a renowned economist. Dr. Yueh is Fellow in Economics, St Edmund Hall at Oxford University, Adjunct Professor of Economics at London Business School, and author of The Great Economists: How Their Ideas Can Help Us Today. Her book was selected as The Times' Best Business Books of the Year.

Professor Yueh is also Visiting Professor at LSE IDEAS and Chair of the Economic Diplomacy Commission. She is an Adviser to the UK Board of Trade and a Board Director of a number of LSE-listed companies. She has advised the World Bank, European Commission, Asian Development Bank, and World Economic Forum, among many others. She has also been an advisor to the British Chambers of Commerce.

She is widely published, and is the Editor of the Economic Growth and Development book series at Routledge. Her books include Macroeconomics, Globalisation and Economic Growth in China, The Law and Economics of Globalisation: New Challenges for a World in Flux, The Future of Asian Trade and Growth: Economic Development with the Emergence of China, Enterprising China: Business, Economics and Legal Developments Since 1979, and the award-winning The Economy of China, China's Macroeconomic Policy, and China's Growth: The Making of an Economic Superpower.

In addition to her academic and written work, Dr. Yueh is a broadcaster for TV and radio, and was the BBC's Chief Business Correspondents and host of “Talking Business with Linda Yueh”, as well as Economics Editor at Bloomberg TV.

Richard Shirreff

Formerly NATO's 4 Star Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, and bestselling author

Sir Richard Shirreff graduated from Exeter College, Oxford, before being commissioned into the British Army from Sandhurst. In his 37-year career, he commanded soldiers on operations at every level from platoon to division. This has included combat in the Gulf War of 1991 as a tank squadron leader and again in Iraq as a divisional commander, together with other operations in Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Bosnia.

In addition, he had extensive staff experience at brigade, Army HQ and in the Ministry of Defence. He commanded NATO's Allied Rapid Reaction Corps and his final military assignment was NATO's 4 Star Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe. In February 2016 he co-founded Strategia Worldwide Ltd, a global risk advisory company, which has since built up a sizeable portfolio of clients across different industrial sectors. In 2016 his novel entitled 2017: War with Russia was published in the UK and USA. It became a bestseller and has been translated into eight languages. He is an honorary fellow of Exeter College, Oxford.

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The conference will take place at Corinthia Hotel, London.

Whitehall Place
United Kingdom
T: 020 7930 8181


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